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Snowfinder USA

"Snowfinder USA" is a guide book for people who love the snow, written by people who love the snow. This "pro-in-your-pocket" is written by local experts, pro skiers and boarders, to give you the low down on the best ski resorts in the USA.

The 'snowfinder' concept is based on the four key requirements to maximise snow time and apres enjoyment. This guide provides you with all the info you need on the key snowboard and ski resorts in USA. Firstly, each resort is introduced by a pro skier or snowboarder who intimately knows the resort and wants to share their knowledge with the reader.Secondly, each resort is coupled with a clear and easy to navigate piste map, so the skier instantly has the map to hand (or in his pocket!) whenever it is needed. "Snowfinder USA" also gives information on the best off-piste runs too. Thirdly, the guide comments on the important runs in each resort, a must for any skier or snowboarder who does not have previous knowledge of the resort. And finally, as well as the professional information, the guide also offers information on apres ski - for each resort it details the best places to eat, drink, chill out or dance the night away: All this information in a guide which fits neatly into your coat pocket! It contains: over 800 stunning photographs and clear illustrations; easy to use piste maps, and detailing the best on piste, off piste and backcountry skiing in USA; and, low down on every resort from professionals and local experts.

Autor Wave-finder Publications
Rok wydania 2008
Typ Przewodnik
Wydawca Hedonist
Język Angielski
Waga (g) 450