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Flight-Free Europe

  • Flight-Free Europe
  • Flight-Free Europe
  • Flight-Free Europe
  • Flight-Free Europe
  • Flight-Free Europe

Discover how to explore Europe sustainably with this ultimate collection of 80 no-fly itineraries. Featuring trips that range from a weekend to a month, we show you how to avoid chaotic airports and reduce the carbon footprint of your travel with detailed route maps and transport connection information for trains, buses, ferries and more.

Embark on a Norwegian rail odyssey; island-hop across Croatia by ferry; hike into the wild heartland of Scotland; or combine wine, surf and easy-going cycling along France’s Atlantic Coast. Each itinerary is plotted step-by-step on a map with the transport logistics of how to get to the next destination along with details of the duration between each stop. Whether you’re looking for a city escape, to explore natural wonders or indulge in delicious eating and drinking experiences, there’s expert recommendations for all interests about day trips to take along the way.

Inside "Flight-Free Europe":

  • 80 no-fly itineraries each of which features suggested ways to get to the start of the route, comprehensive transport connection guidance, vibrant photography, a map and fact box which details the trip’s carbon count, suggested duration and transport budget 
  • Recommended forms of transport include train, bus, ferry, bicycle and electric/hybrid car
  • Activity themes for each trip are indicated by icons and encompass food and drink; wellness and relaxation; sights and history; adventure; arts and culture; and nature
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