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American National Parks

Wide, breathtaking landscapes; crystal-clear, blue lakes; high, snow covered mountain peaks; but also wild grizzlies, buffalos, mustangs and rare animal species: this is North America. With nearly 60 national parks, the United States is preserving a living monument to the continent’s pristine nature in an effort to make it accessible to everyone. This stunning book presents the most beautiful parks in over 450 photographs. Each has its own character and individual charm. Alaska, high in the northwest of the American continent, boasts spectacular wide expanses and immense geological variety such as the highest mountain of North America, the Denali. Continuing on the northern route from west to east, the high mountain regions of the Rocky Mountains overwhelm their visitors with countless blue glacier lakes and thundering waterfalls. Yellowstone, the oldest national park, is pure magic with dazzlingly
colorful thermal springs, erupting geysers and large herds of bison. Continuing on the southern route from west to east, the striking granitoid formations of Half Dome and El Capitan in the popular Yosemite National Park are impressive sights. Death Valley fascinates with contrasts of hot salt deserts and ice cold, snow capped peaks.

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